William Kipouras
Induction Class of: 2000

William Kipouras is the first member of the media to be inducted into the Salem State College Athletic Hall of Fame. A native and resident of Peabody, Bill has been a fixture on the North Shore sports scene for over a quarter of a century.


Prior to joining the Salem Evening News in 1974, Bill spent 17 years covering sports for the Boston Herald Traveler. He served as the sports editor for the Salem News until 1995 and has been a staff writer there for the past five years. He has written more about Salem State College athletics then any newspaper writer ever.


Bill was chosen the recipient of the 1999-2000 New England Collegiate Athletic Conference (NECAC) Sports Media Person of the Year last July. The award recognizes outstanding coverage of collegiate athletics throughout the region by a member of the working media. He was honored by the New England College Basketball Coaches Association (NEBCA) with its media award in 1997. 


Other honors Bill hase received include a 25th year award from the baseball writers of America; an award for professional football coverage from the Boston Herald for the 1975 season; the 1987 New England Lawn Tennis Association (NELTA) Media Award; the Boston University Scarlet Quill Award in 1989-90; the 1993 Harry Agganis Foundation Media Award; and the Massachusetts State Football coaches Media Award.